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Self Guided Trips - The Hay River

The Hay River

Map of the area:
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From Escarpment Creek to the Town of Hay River, the Hay River offers scenic flat water or white water paddling.

After the Hay River passes through the Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park a canyon between Escartment Creek and the Town of Enterprise offers some intermediate white water.

From Enterprise to Hay River the water is flat with the occassional shoal. The River offers an opportunity for paddlers to view eagles, bears, river beavers and muskrats. This is a great way to pass a day in the sun.

There are many spots to put in and take out depending on the amount of time you have for your paddle.

Paddle Times (approx.)

  • Enterprise to Hay River Beach 10-12h
  • Paradise Gardens to Hay River Beach 6-8 hr.
  • Golf Course to Hay River Beach 4-5 hr
  • Kiwanis Park to Hay River Beach 1 hr