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Buffalo River

Maps Required
85B Buffalo Lake

85 B/6
85 B/10
85 B/11
Approximate distance 80 km

The Buffalo River drains Buffalo Lake in the Wood Buffalo National Park. The river is habitat for moose, caribou, bear, beaver, muskrat and many different species of water fowl. Pickeral, Pike and Grayling await you.

You can Flying in from Hay River for around $300.00 (CAD) (Landa Air 867-874-3500) for 2 people, making this an affordable trip. Take out is at the bridge on No. 5 highway 55 km west of Hay River or for those that wish to have an extended trip you can continue to Great Slave Lake and then follow the shore west back to Hay River.

Water is fast although no serious rapids and portages to deal with.
As this is a National Park no motor boats are allowed. Permits are required.

Kakisa River

Kakisa River offers a fast moving river with lots of wildlife 80km west of Hay River.

Vale Island Snye

Looking for some quiet paddling without a lot of traveling, out of the wind, lots of wildlife, close to the Hay River Campground? Then explore the Vale Island Snye.The Syne is located on Vale Island and is landlocked it is about 4 km in length and is the home for many birds and water fowl. This is an excellent place to spend a few hours paddling.

Birch Creek

This is a pretty trip in the spring during high water only.