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No Trace Camping

It is important to practice NO TRACE CAMPING, so that those coming behind you will have the same experience as you.

  • Build fires below the high water lines.  That way the fire ring will disappear with the next breakup.
  • After you break camp walk around and find all the small pieeces of rope, gum wrappers etc. 
  • If you build a structure like a lean to or you used wooden poles to set up your tent take it down when you are ready to leave.  
  • Try not to cut down live trees. 
  • If you burn your cans in the fire, smash them down with an axe and take them with you to the next settlement to dispose of. Don't leave cans and tinfoil in the firepit. 
  • When going to the washroom take a  garden trowel with you and dig a small hole, bury your waste and bring the toiletpaper papepr back to burn in the fire.


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