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Bear Safety tips

Here is a website with some good ideas

We recommend that you set up for your meal 100m+ from your tent.  even better is to stop and eat supper and then paddle on for 30 minutes before setting up for the night.  The only history of bear problems on the river were in the Fort Simpson and Noramn wells Camp grounds.

If you make camp and see lots of bear tracks you may be in a bears back yard, continue on and find another camp site.

Keep your food in barrels and tight pails.  After you have washed dishes discard the water.  Throw the wash water in the river, not in the bush.  Pack out all your garbage and dispose of in the next settlement. 

Clean Fish away from your camp and throw the guts in the river.

Use air horns, bear bangers to warn or chase off a bear.  If the bear is within 3-4 meters use pepper spray

Keep food, snacks, toothpaste etc out of your tent!